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There seems to be nothing that is completed.
Life seems just like an imcomplete song.

I see myself drifting away by the wind,
trying and wanting to block the sun.

There is a clear veil blocking me from the sun
I reach out; I can almost reach it.

In the wind, in the darkness,
I stare into the roaring sea.
Pulling me, hitting against me,
Grabbing hold and shaking me.


Swarm of bees attacking my mind,
The crying voice of the waves flooding inside me.

One step more closer and I can almost feel the coldness of the water,
I shudder at cold feeling I can feel.
I close my eyes and can see another world before me.

Am I hallucinating?

I can see the rain pouring down.
Water drops sliding down my face.
I wonder if it's tears or rain drops?


The feeling of being locked up inside a cage
My soul not being able to reach the stars.
The feeling of being soaked in dream,
But not being able to face the reality.

Regrets, but now too late.
Starting to blame the heavens for putting me into an eternal sleep.

Every raindrops falling on me seems like an arrow,
Making wounds inside me, each drop paining me.
The wounds heal, the sky clears.
My eyes dried.

Hoping that all my regrets and memories
Washed away by the rain.

To be complete, to start again.

To wake
From my long slumber.
Just to make sure that you don't get confused with the title:
this poem IS completed.
I felt very incomplete and stuck so I just wrote how I felt so it might seem a bit confusing....

.....and probably very incomplete.
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March 30, 2005
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