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Were you there? Just before she got ran over
She called out your name - didn't you hear?
How could you ignore her calls
You weren't there when she needed you most
She was standing there, frozen with a lost stare
She was ready to take the risk
Her fragile body being trampled on
Her body becoming torn
Thick blood pouring over her body
Wine-like blood streaming down her face
Her rosy cheeks turning pale
Her warm hands turning icy cold
Her breath getting fainter, heavier
She just lay there, completely helpless
I tried to warm her
I rubbed my hand against hers
But you weren't there you were far away
I tried to wake her, calling her name desperately
But she was frozen, her breath getting faint
Why couldn't you look at her one last time
Why couldn't you call her name tenderly as you did once
Why couldn't you smile at her and grab her hand for the last time
Why couldn't you give her happiness at her last moment with you
You ignored her, you didn't see the dark veil called death wrapping her
You didn't see the darkness hidden behind her face - you didn't care
You weren't there to hear her last breath, her heavy sigh
You weren't there to reply to your name she breathed out last
Hasn't anyone told you that she's dead?
She died, hurt by your cruel coldness - didn't you know?
You didn't see her shed her tears, mixed with blood,
Trickling down her face as she called your name last
She didn't know the fate she was to meet
She stood there, with a faint of bright hope she was clutching
You didn't hear her whispering hopefully,

'Maybe next time he'll look at me
Maybe next time he'll smile
Maybe... maybe next time...'

But there wasn't a next time
You weren't there

Why do you cry?
Why do you have that pained look on your face?
You didn't see her break down... why do you care?

She is gone now, and it's too late to regret
It is about a girl who died in a car accident.
This poem is from the girl's friend's point of view,
blaming her friend's other friend who turned cold against her.
Mens-Silentiuum Featured By Owner Nov 16, 2004  Professional General Artist
:faint: That's so good! Wonderful images, and a beautiful ending... I might do a drawing based on it, would you mind if I did?
uniquevalenti Featured By Owner Nov 17, 2004
no i don't!!! i would love it if you did!!!!
Mens-Silentiuum Featured By Owner Nov 17, 2004  Professional General Artist
cool :D
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November 16, 2004
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