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It's been aaaaaaaaaaages since I last visited.
My computer was slow and it won't let me easily sign in :/

I'm back again, so I'll start writing poems again...
And I got a new scanner (which is good news, because my old
one broke),
so maybe I'll be able to submit some of my art works!! :)

Meh... studying sooooo much...
I made a record by studying almost all day everyday.
(For me it's a really big thing...)

I've been learning a lot though, and started to make some decisions for my life, but it's still very confusing... I seriously need some sleep...
i'm soooo tired.
had 3 nights of school play : the wizard of oz.
i was playing the violin for it and i'm so tired.
i have a christmas concert coming up as well :(
(when can i get some sleep?!)

ahhhhhhh!!!!! i can't live in all this excitement!!!!!!!

this journal is a bit short... but i guess i gotta go.
i'm really tired.... and i should be doing my english homework but oh well... i don't really care anymore -0-
i should be though.
well, got to go. i submitted two deviations today^^
by uniquevalenti(me!!)

I'm all alone again, having no place to go

All are useless, everything I dreamed and know and wished to

People pass me by everyday, all of them strangers

How strange it is, to be around so many people yet feeling so

I have a hole inside me which I can never fill

My heart is an ocean, facing a storm; it will never be still

It's like a beehive, it'll never stop buzzing

My head's so full, I'm about to go crazy

Somebody help, I always thought that you would be there

But you aren't, I'm alone without you, nobody cares

The hole inside me is getting larger, it's like an open tunnel

Cold wind blows though, now it's too late.

I really like depressing poems, music... anything depressing.
I am hyper and happy, but I really like the feeling of depression so when I write, it's usually depressing(sorry to people who doesn't like depression!)
i'm at school.
(finished with my geography work so i'm on deviantart... really addictive)
well... just really bored... and tired-0-
i'm a very random person.
.....................i like grass, do you like grass?!